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First time sewing!

Neither one of us has ever sewn anything before. Aaron has criticized me a lot for not being able to sew a button. Sew… (pun intended) we decided to sew our own curtains. Why not, right? The nice ladies at Hobby Lobby assured us that making curtains was the easiest sewing project. Since the room is vaulted, you can’t just buy curtains for it. We assume they would have had to be custom-made anyway, so why not try it and see what happens?

For comparison purposes, below is a picture of what came with the house. The curtains were ugly and big, but they did do a good job of blocking out all light. They also make wonderful paint tarps!


While everyone else was buying a half yard of fabric, we went all out and bought 15 yards of fabric and 15 yards of the room darkening backer. Go big or go home.

Here is a close up of our fabric:

Before we did all of this, we also had to purchase a sewing machine. We bought a Singer from Wal-Mart. We figured it would be easy to return if we decided that sewing wasn’t our cup of tea. Aaron did the actual showing and I have a picture to prove it! I did all the pinning, which I think was more work. Just sayin.


And here is the awesome finished product!

Here is a reminder of the before and after. Not too shabby!

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