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Pantry Facelift

Over the past weekend, I tackled one of the constantly-bugging-me projects: our pantry. When we remodeled the kitchen here (progress of the remodel, anyways), I didn’t finish the pantry. It didn’t need a lot of work, just paint. The door handle to the pantry has been off since we first started with the kitchen and I finally got tired of seeing it sitting in my catch-all kitchen drawer.

I have a lot of leftover paint from the dining room because I was originally going to paint the walls the darker color and the inside of the boxes the lighter color. Convenient that I didn’t have to buy anything to do this project (except a little more primer, always comes in handy though).

No, I did not do any awesome stencil job like House of Smiths but I am still happy with my work. The before picture doesn’t look that bad. But what you can’t see is the splashes of what-I-am-assuming-is-food-to-avoid-being-grossed-out on the trim. The shelves and door were an awful off-white/yellowish tinted color that I absolutely can’t stand. The door was gross around the handle from sticky fingers, and the shelves were all marked up from sliding stuff on them. Oh, and the closet didn’t have a light before. Aaron installed that when we remodeled the kitchen. So it was a dungeon before.

This is what happens to your kitchen when your pantry is under construction… there was not a single square foot of usable counter space all weekend (which = NO COOKING! oh wait, I don’t cook anyway).

I painted one coat of primer, two coats of color, and two coats of white. And now the beautiful (ok, so I might be slightly more excited at how it turned out since I spent 2+ days working on it) after:

To avoid scuffing up my amazing shelf paint job, I bought bright white rubber matting (fairly thin stuff) from Lowe’s. About $14 (one BIG roll) was enough for all of my shelves.

Martha would be proud (maybe). I feel so organized. I am ready to begin crazy couponing!


Staircase is Done!

This is the before and after post for the staircase. We stripped and re-stained all of the oak handrail and baluster posts. Then, we painted every.single.spindle by hand with primer and semi-gloss white. Then we painted all of the spindle bases and trim. I think we have clocked at least 40 hours on the staircase between the both of us. At least 4o, probably more. The stain we used was a combination of Minnwax’s Aged Oak and Bombay Mahogany. We put one coat of Aged Oak on first, then 2 coats of Bombay Mahogany and sealed it with varnish. Not sure if the Aged Oak actually had any part in the final color, but it is what we used. We also repainted everything – ceiling and all walls. The beige-y color everywhere is Sherwin William’s Beach House.

We painted the living room and entry before blog days, but here are a couple of  pictures of the scaffolding we rented from Home Depot. So much fun. NOT!

We wanted metal spindles because they are awesome. Hands down. But the cost of them is not awesome and we are trying to spend money wisely on this house. Some things we buy are for personal preference, yes, but we couldn’t justify spending over $1k for new spindles when the ones that are there are just fine. Also, we can always upgrade this later if we change our minds. Without any more rambling, here are the pictures…

Here are some progress pictures…

And here are the finished pictures…

It looks so much better! Much more up-to-date. We are really happy with how it turned out!

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