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I heart new furniture!

We recently went on a buying spree. Probably shouldn’t have, but oh well! Can we call it our one year anniversary presents to ourselves? Our new living room end tables and TV console tables arrived Wednesday. Our new clock (thanks, Lou & Sue!) arrived today – much to UPS’s dismay. I am pretty sure they dropped it off the truck. But it survived, so no harm, no foul. New living room couches arrive tomorrow that will replace our fold out camping chairs (finally!). So here’s some pictures of our new loot!

Max snuck into that picture! And here is a close up of the clock. It’s 38″ in diameter. So awesome!!!!

This is what the entry looks like from the living room:

Up next, our new Paula Deen end tables (we bought 2)¬†and buffet hutch (that we are using as a console table). It is actually pretty difficult to find a nice, simple console table that is tall and big enough to not look like a tiny piece of furniture under a 55″ TV.

Notice that unfinished fireplace tile job? Um… yeah… about that. Maybe this weekend?!?! Can’t wait for the couches to arrive tomorrow! On another note, so glad Habitat for Humanity Re-store finally came and picked up some spare ceiling fans, a toilet, vanity top,a nd some other stuff! Bring on the tax deductions! Happy Friday!

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