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Outdoor House Tour

I promised a family member some outdoor pictures, and here they are. This is just a nitty-gritty tour of the outside of our house as of a week or so ago and some before/after pictures of some of the landscaping work we have done.

We moved those big bushes from the front to the fences along the sides of the backyard. Those bushes made the house look dark in the front. They also made the brick around the windows in the dining room and formal living room gross. Here is a closer view of our landscaping in the front:


As I pointed out above, we also installed new front lights and they look sooooo much better. You can barely see the old lights in the very first before picture in this post. They were beyond ugly and so small that they were useless. Here is another close up of the front landscaping (leaves everywhere, I know!)

And a better view of those lights! Love them! They are from Lowes. And we are starting to get grass in that bare spot in front of the landscaping (our whole front yard on that side is a bare spot, who am I kidding?!?!). Our to-do list includes washing all the brick, re-painting the outside of the house. In other words, the brick won’t look that crappy forever.

Moving on to the backyard. It was also a jumbled mess. Plants were not very organized or trimmed. We ended up pulling off 17 or so baby sago’s from the two big sago palms in the back yard. Here are some before/in progress pictures of the backyard. I say in progress because I will not be satisfied until there is a pool there. Just sayin.

I apologize if the “in progress” picture is a little choppy. I need a new camera! But you get the point. Click on any of the pictures to get a bigger view. And there you have it, an outdoor tour of our house!

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