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Pantry Facelift

Over the past weekend, I tackled one of the constantly-bugging-me projects: our pantry. When we remodeled the kitchen here (progress of the remodel, anyways), I didn’t finish the pantry. It didn’t need a lot of work, just paint. The door handle to the pantry has been off since we first started with the kitchen and I finally got tired of seeing it sitting in my catch-all kitchen drawer.

I have a lot of leftover paint from the dining room because I was originally going to paint the walls the darker color and the inside of the boxes the lighter color. Convenient that I didn’t have to buy anything to do this project (except a little more primer, always comes in handy though).

No, I did not do any awesome stencil job like House of Smiths but I am still happy with my work. The before picture doesn’t look that bad. But what you can’t see is the splashes of what-I-am-assuming-is-food-to-avoid-being-grossed-out on the trim. The shelves and door were an awful off-white/yellowish tinted color that I absolutely can’t stand. The door was gross around the handle from sticky fingers, and the shelves were all marked up from sliding stuff on them. Oh, and the closet didn’t have a light before. Aaron installed that when we remodeled the kitchen. So it was a dungeon before.

This is what happens to your kitchen when your pantry is under construction… there was not a single square foot of usable counter space all weekend (which = NO COOKING! oh wait, I don’t cook anyway).

I painted one coat of primer, two coats of color, and two coats of white. And now the beautiful (ok, so I might be slightly more excited at how it turned out since I spent 2+ days working on it) after:

To avoid scuffing up my amazing shelf paint job, I bought bright white rubber matting (fairly thin stuff) from Lowe’s. About $14 (one BIG roll) was enough for all of my shelves.

Martha would be proud (maybe). I feel so organized. I am ready to begin crazy couponing!


The garage is officially… Viper Approved.

Our garage was N-A-S-T-Y! Not sure what the previous owners did, but it was gross. The walls had foot and hand prints all over, there were spider webs everywhere, the lighting (more like lack of) was absolutely miserable, and our method of storage was just.not.working. So this past weekend, we spend 2 solid days painting, cleaning, wiring, and organizing our garage. And that was on top of a previous 4 hours or so that was spend scrubbing the inside of each garage door. But it was worth it.

The garage on this house has 3 separate single doors. Our previous house had a double door and a single door. We were able to fit all 4 of our cars in that garage. It was a tight squeeze, but worth the hassle. Especially when we would get hail storms that required a new roof and gutters on a 3 year old house!

Haha! I just noticed in that picture that we had a light bulb out on the light on the far right. Oh well. ANYWAY, I didn’t snap too many before shots, but these two show how cramped and crowded our current garage was before.

What a disaster! CRAP everywhere! And those shelves are awesome… when you can get stuff off of them without moving a car. We learned our lesson on the last house – paint the garage a color that looks good with the doors open. So we chose a color from Sherwin Williams…

The garage took 6 1/2 gallons of paint – walls and ceiling all received 2 coats of paint. Oh, and all of the walls were that gross or worse with fingerprints, dirt marks, etc. YUCK! And just 2 long short days later… Voilà!

Check out that accessible storage! And that sparkle shine on the Porsche! NICE! Notice that the shelf doesn’t fit on that concrete lip, hence some improvising with the bricks as support. Also, the shelving units are secured to the wall to prevent disasters.

Funny story for you car folks. Aaron took the Porsche to the gas station (literally less than 2 miles away) and it wouldn’t start after he filled it up. I had to go rescue him with jumper cables. It was rather amusing. Obviously, the Porsche is overdue for a new battery.

Check out those LIGHTS! We installed 4 fluorescents – (2) 4′ double bulb lights and (2) 8′ double bulb lights. You can actually SEEEEEEEEE in the garage now. We closed the doors during the day and it still looked like daylight in there! Finding tools will be so easy! Yes, the cord in the above picture needs to be stapled to the wall. Thanks for noticing. Haha.


That is a nice walkway between and in front of the cars. I can actually get stuff off shelves! AMAZING!

Is that not the coolest garage door opener set up you have ever seen? That was the husband’s handy work and it looks great. Can you see how nasty those switches were in the before picture? Yes, much improved.

A side note “thank you” to Frank and Karen for that super cool clock. It is finally hanging in our garage and we love it! It reminds us of you guys 🙂

A few more after shots to wrap this one up. Our to-do list is getting a little smaller and we are pretty proud of ourselves for this one. (NOTE the nice white door? Yes, it is pretty great). Oh, and all 4 cars are sparkling clean too.

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