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Fireplace is done!

Just a quick before, after #1, and final after:

For Round One of tiling, we used a fish bone pattern. We thought we would hang the full sheets first, then cut and fill in with individual pieces on the edges. Bad idea. It sat like this for a couple of months:

Deep down, we really just didn’t like it at all. So, during Aaron’s parent’s most recent visit, we all got tired of looking at it and decided to re-do it yet again.

glas mosaic tile fireplace

And the grouted, painted after:


How to make a builder grade mirror look good!

All of our bathrooms have those crappy builder grade mirrors that do not have frames and are just plain boring. After a recent furniture shopping trip, we got the idea to frame out one of the mirrors to make something worth hanging on our wall. The mirror we spotted in a furniture store was around $550 which is way more money than I wanted to spend. Plus, it was kind of ugly. Neat, but not our taste. So off we went to trusty Home Depot for some buy-by-the-foot stain grade trim. A few 45* cuts later and we had our frame:

contractor grade mirror framed with stain grade wood

And if you look closely, you can see that there are two pieces of trim. The larger floor trim butts up next to the mirror and the extra piece overlaps both the mirror and the floor trim.

2 pieces of trim around mirror

After dry fitting everything, we hot glued and stapled each of the frames and then screwed and hot glued the overlapping frame to the large floor trim frame from the back. Next, we flipped the frame contraption over (face side to the floor) and added some mirror mastic (available in a caulk tube in the mirror section of Home Depot/Lowes) to the outer edge and set the mirror in place. We also added some “just in case” supports on the back corners. We attached these to the frame with screws from the back.

Next, we cut the center pieces. These are just smaller pieces of trim. The hexagon-type shape was very easy. The angles are 22.5* (1/2 of a 45* angle). Also, the pieces can be any size, as long as the piece opposite is the exact same (not sure if that makes sense or not). Here is the shape we were going for. The boards and tiles are to hold everything flat while the mastic/glue dries.

The mirror itself was 55″ by 42″. Add some trim to that and it became very heavy, and even bigger. We used the hooks above (circled), but realized they didn’t quite hold it like they should. We bought the picture hanging wire (heaviest available) and wrapped it through the hooks and the support boards. To hang it on the wall, we used a very large leg bolt (not sure if that is the correct terminology or not) and some washers.  And here is the final product!

diy contractor grade mirror frame

And no, I can not take a non-blurry picture. I will work on that. And no, I will not pick up the room to take a picture. I was just too excited that the mirror was up! The internet can see our house in all of its functional/messy glory! Here is a reminder of the before and after of the room. The before picture is the picture from the real estate listing. We are getting there at least…

living room before and after, vaulted living room, diy mirror frame

In total, this project cost about $100 because of the stain grade wood. It can definitely be done on a smaller budget. We have 4 more mirrors left… let’s see what we can do with those!

I heart new furniture!

We recently went on a buying spree. Probably shouldn’t have, but oh well! Can we call it our one year anniversary presents to ourselves? Our new living room end tables and TV console tables arrived Wednesday. Our new clock (thanks, Lou & Sue!) arrived today – much to UPS’s dismay. I am pretty sure they dropped it off the truck. But it survived, so no harm, no foul. New living room couches arrive tomorrow that will replace our fold out camping chairs (finally!). So here’s some pictures of our new loot!

Max snuck into that picture! And here is a close up of the clock. It’s 38″ in diameter. So awesome!!!!

This is what the entry looks like from the living room:

Up next, our new Paula Deen end tables (we bought 2) and buffet hutch (that we are using as a console table). It is actually pretty difficult to find a nice, simple console table that is tall and big enough to not look like a tiny piece of furniture under a 55″ TV.

Notice that unfinished fireplace tile job? Um… yeah… about that. Maybe this weekend?!?! Can’t wait for the couches to arrive tomorrow! On another note, so glad Habitat for Humanity Re-store finally came and picked up some spare ceiling fans, a toilet, vanity top,a nd some other stuff! Bring on the tax deductions! Happy Friday!

First time sewing!

Neither one of us has ever sewn anything before. Aaron has criticized me a lot for not being able to sew a button. Sew… (pun intended) we decided to sew our own curtains. Why not, right? The nice ladies at Hobby Lobby assured us that making curtains was the easiest sewing project. Since the room is vaulted, you can’t just buy curtains for it. We assume they would have had to be custom-made anyway, so why not try it and see what happens?

For comparison purposes, below is a picture of what came with the house. The curtains were ugly and big, but they did do a good job of blocking out all light. They also make wonderful paint tarps!


While everyone else was buying a half yard of fabric, we went all out and bought 15 yards of fabric and 15 yards of the room darkening backer. Go big or go home.

Here is a close up of our fabric:

Before we did all of this, we also had to purchase a sewing machine. We bought a Singer from Wal-Mart. We figured it would be easy to return if we decided that sewing wasn’t our cup of tea. Aaron did the actual showing and I have a picture to prove it! I did all the pinning, which I think was more work. Just sayin.


And here is the awesome finished product!

Here is a reminder of the before and after. Not too shabby!

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