Life with the P's

A young couple living life – remodeling, diy projects, and everything in between!

About Us

Hi! That’s Aaron (left) and I am Leslie (right) and yes that picture is from 2007. But we look basically the same… maybe a tad bit heavier and less tan (bleh… details!). Anyway, we are a young couple constantly pursuing projects. Both of us are corporate accountants by day and tackle all different projects in our spare time. We have 2 kitties, Max and Mr. Kitty, and they definitely keep us entertained. We also have 4 cars. We try to do as much as possible ourselves, or with the help of close family and friends. Our project list consists of anything house related including painting, flooring, repair, bathroom remodel, landscaping, etc. We also build our own furniture (this is a recent development, and very limited) and work on cars.  

We recently moved to Houston, Texas from Illinois (the St. Louis area) and are in the process of remodeling our second house. Our first house was an unfinished new construction that we took over and finished. We learned so much and have so many tips and tricks to share! Our current house is only about 8 years old and needs some TLC, updating, and personalization.

I started this blog to show off all of our hard work and progress to family and friends, especially those who won’t ever make it to Houston to see it in person. And maybe, just maybe, we have something to add to this huge blogging community as we share our remodeling and DIY adventures. Hope you enjoy the blog! Please feel free to ask any questions!


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