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Vessel Drama!

We have had one hell of a time finding a vessel bowl for the guest bath remodel. We wanted to go as cheap as possible while still achieving the overall look that we want. The marble vanity top was fairly expensive (as marble typically is) so we want to try to cut costs on other areas. Like our faucet, which was only $36.95 with free shipping on Ebay (SCORE!)

ebay vessel bowl bathroom faucet

Naturally, we looked in Lowes and Home Depot for a good starting point on vessel bowl prices. We found one that we liked on Ebay for $45 that was 18″. We planned the faucet and bowl sink holes out for this arrangement and the marble top had been drilled for this setup. Then the box arrived and the sink was in a million pieces. What a sad day.

We decided to buy the in-stock Lowes white vessel bowl. The box said 16″ so we thought it might work. Turns out by 16″, the company means 15.5″. The faucet wouldn’t quite reach. That bowl was returned.

The search continued. On Lowes’ website, there was an American Standard vessel bowl that SAYS it is 20″ in diameter. SEE??????

vessel sink

This was a special order item and we even verified when we ordered it that it was 20″. It took a couple of weeks to be shipped to the store. I went to pick up the sink after it finally arrived, got it home, and guess what… it’s a 17″ sink! So I googled the Model number and all other websites that sell this sink say that it is a 17″ sink! (And by 17″, they really mean 16 3/4″… again… what is with these measurements!?!?!).

Back to the store AGAIN to return this sink. By this point, Aaron and I are so disappointed and frustrated with this whole vessel sink process. The search for a vessel sink resumed and Ebay was our number one starting point. Finally, Aaron found this sink and for $69 buy it now with free shipping! As long as it comes in one piece (FINGERS CROSSED!) we will finally have a working sink.

ebay vessel sink

Lessons learned: Ebay is awesome (duh!) and things work out for the best. I like this last sink the best, and if all goes well, it will hopefully be the last vessel sink we have to buy for this bathroom!


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