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A young couple living life – remodeling, diy projects, and everything in between!

My Long Term To-Do List

My to-do list is growing and I thought this would be a good place to talk about them. Even if no one reads this, at least I am accountable to the internet for this list!?!? haha! So here it is:

Outdoor House Goals:

  • Powerwash, touch-up caulk the hardie siding, and paint the outside of our house
  • Get some grass to grow in our yard. Update: We have little baby grass… maybe we will have an actual front yard soon!
  • Re-do the upper deck – includes replacing the railing, and staining and sealing the entire deck
  • Replace outdoor lights DONE!
  • Replace the hot tub cover

Indoor House Goals:

  • Carpet, Carpet, Carpet!!! Replace all of the carpet upstairs. Projected completion date: May 2011
  •  DONE!! Installed April 7th!!!

  • Paint all 1,356,432 staircase spindles and staircase treads (actual count is around 200, I think) DONE!! Completed prior to carpet install.
  • Finish the kitchen… like, actually 100% finished
  • Remodel all 4 bathrooms (one two are in progress now!). We have been saving these money pits for last.
  • Finish building the theater room furnture
  • Get a pool table!
  • Buy some living room couches and a TV

Personal Goals

  • Lose 30 more pounds (down 25 or so since our move to Texas)
  • Take the CPA exam. This is going to require complete dedication on my part. I have almost forgotten how much I dislike studying. Once I have completely forgotten, I will start the process all over again. I am hoping to start this in early 2012.

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