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Kitchen – before and [in progress]

The kitchen in this house was insanely ugly left something to be desired. Because we have done so much already, I am just going to share some before, during, and after pics. We are not quite finished in their yet. We still need 3 drawer pulls (not enough of them at Lowe’s, but I guess that is what happens when you buy 40+). We also have a little bit of trim to cut and the pantry needs to be completely repainted. Total, we have about 2 hours worth of work to do and it will be finished. But then again, who wants to finish something when you can remain at 90% foreva?!?!?

Before (pictures are courtesy of the real estate listing):


Everything is wrong with this. The blue slate floor is so bad that it turned the bottom of your feet black/blue. Glossy oak cabinets… no thanks! Blue counter…. bleck! And worst of all…. the patriot red paint…. YYYYUUUUUCCKKKK! Also, none of the appliances matched, which is a pet peeve of ours. So off the went to Habitat for Humanity Re-store along with the counter. The layout of the appliances was not to our liking and we had our awesome GE Cafe appliances that we wanted to use in the kitchen. We were able to salvage some of the kitchen cabinets to use in the laundry room (another post) but the base cabinets had some water damage around the sink and dishwasher, so they went to the trash.

Here is documentation of the destruction phase. Note: jackstands are very helpful in cabinet removal!


Sorry for the bad picture quality – these are phone pictures. And now for some re-constructing pictures:

The granite installers set up shop in the driveway. They installed the counters the weekend that Aaron’s parents came for their first visit since we moved. Aaron’s mom got a good picture of them working. Very cool! And… we got to pick out our own slabs of granite which was really neat (because we are nerdy like that).

And here are some after pictures. We had originally wanted to do normal height cabinets with a 12″ tall glass door cabinet on top, but that was abou $100-$150 more per cabinet, so being the penny pinchers that we are, we went with the single taller cabinets instead. AND to add a little more spunk, Aaron installed upper and lower cabinet lighting.


I will post pictures when the kitchen is 100% finished (who knows when that will be which will hopefully be soon). I didn’t mention yet, but Ebay is your friend when it comes to faucets. Saved us $50 on the exact same that you can get from the store. New and in the box. Win! 


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